Even though it seems to fly in the face of everything one has been brought up to believe, one can keep active, stay slim and healthy without dieting – and this article will explain to you how this is achievable.comida de dieta

Most people know that the basic principle of dieting is that one has to use up more calories on a daily basis than is put into one’s body. In most diet programs of years gone by, fats, sugars and carbohydrates were taboo and the thus method of weight loss then was that one should steer away from anything fried, oily salad dressings or even foods containing oils, like nuts. Sugar was totally banned and even fruit was severely limited, with apples and a few berries being the most commonly allowed. Almost all carbohydrates were a definite no-no, thus rice, potatoes, bread, pasta and the like were never, ever, shown on a diet sheet.

Nowadays, for a slim, healthy body, it is recommended to follow a diet which comprises exercise together with a good balance of all the food types. For example, oil is no longer considered the worst food component, as long as it is a nut oil or olive oil. It has been proven that these oils are good for you and that even contribute to one’s nutritional needs so they should be included in one’s diet, in moderation. Sugar, unlike oil, is still seen as the bad boy of all diets, but the difference now is that fruit is a good source of vitamins and fibre, so quite a large variety is allowed, but still in moderation.

The biggest turnaround in diet law that has occurred in the past few decades is the consumption of carbohydrates. Previously almost totally banned, except for one thin slice of bread every now and then, today one is encouraged to eat as much as three portions of this food type a day. Whole wheat cereals, pasta and bread and brown rice are now the accepted options over their more processed white (and therefore less healthy) cousins.

Protein consumption at present is also different than it was in the past, when a huge steak and salad without any dressing was considered the perfect diet meal. Now, it is recommended to eat very little beef (which should have all the fat cut off) and more lean turkey and chicken (without skin), fish and sea food. One diet rule that has not altered at all is the one which stated you should eat vast quantities of vegetables, in the form of salads or simply steamed to retain their flavour.

By eating sensibly and doing moderate exercise to keep active, stay slim and healthy without dieting, follow the above rules and you will soon see just how good you can look with your slim, healthy body.

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