Los problemas que causa la obesidadWe are constantly being bombarded by advertisements on TV, radio, social networking sites and the like, which inform us that in order to be slim and thus be able to achieve our ambitions, we need to buy a specific diet product which is touted to be the latest ingenious way to the slim, healthy body everybody would like to have.

It is to be noted that there is not one so-called miracle diet product on the market anywhere in the world which does what it is purported to do – give us a slim, healthy body. This is because even if one loses weight when using them, as soon as one stops, the weight goes back on very quickly and, often, one puts on more weight than one lost in the first place. The only way to lose weight is by eating nutritious and healthy foods and doing exercise. In this way, one’s body uses up more calories than one puts into it by way of food; and thus it begins to use up the nutrients which are stored in the body’s cells. As these stocks are diminished, one sees a change in one’s body shape – generally known as weight loss – and a slim, healthy body emerges.

Everyone who has ever been on a diet has experienced the cravings that are synonymous with being told what you can eat and what you cannot; and that invariably means all the things you really like, like chocolate, cookies and ice cream. The fact is that one is able to lose weight in a slow and healthy manner even if one has the occasional treat, which most diet gurus dismiss as being so detrimental to a diet that one should never eat them again. This is pure nonsense.

In the pursuit of a slim, healthy body, it is true that one really needs to make drastic changes to one’s diet, but this does not mean that you should ever try any sort of crash diet, or even those ‘magic’ products so often advertised in the media. All the ‘magic’ formulas, like those which promote the replacement of a meal with an energy drink, or by taking a cellulose tablet in place of a meal, for example, will reduce the nutrients one needs for a strong and healthy body.

So, remember, if you stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan long term, you can indulge in any forbidden foods your heart desires, if you do so occasionally and then return with your new routine.

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