Comes por tu estado de animo?One of the most noticeable aspects of the 21st century is the dramatic increase in the body mass of a huge percentage of the world population. Many years ago, when China was not the economic powerhouse it is today, most Chinese were slim and weight problems were unheard of. This is because they ate a very healthy, natural diet based on rice with the addition of small quantities of vegetables and proteins, which gave them all the nutrients they needed. Today, because of the increased wealth of the general population and its exposure to western habits, obesity is fast becoming a major problem.

The problem of overweight and obese children is not purely a Chinese problem. A similar scenario exists in the western world, where the average income of families is increasing year on year, thus allowing parents to spoil their children with treats as and when they demand them. Spoil is the operative word here, as by succumbing to their children’s demands, parents have created a pattern of eating that is neither healthy nor nutritious.

We should all take a leaf out of the earlier eating habits of the Chinese. The main ingredient in their everyday food is rice, which is a highly nutritious carbohydrate. In order for us to achieve a slim, healthy body without dieting, we should base our main meal on a carbohydrate, such as rice, potatoes, pasta or any whole wheat product (like bread). Not only are carbohydrates very filling, but they take a long time to be broken down and digested, so one has the feeling of being full for a long time.

In order for us to achieve the slim, healthy body which all aspire to, we really need to change the way we eat. We also need to do some exercise every day, not only to use up more calories than we put into our bodies through food, but the keep our bones and muscles supple and strong. Nobody will have a slim, healthy body by just cutting down on, or changing, the foods we eat.

Back to the old Chinese way of natural eating, it must be noted that eating only carbohydrates (in their case, rice) will also not do the trick. You need to add small quantities of protein, like sea food, chicken or fish; and large quantities of vegetables and limited amounts of fresh fruit, in order to have a balanced and nutritious diet that is easy to stick to and which will provide the results you want. Click here : periodontics lancaster pa

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