Polycystic ovaries: the famous ovarian pain

As we know many women suffer of ovary pain when they are in their days or before it, it is something that only can suffer but it is something not good.

Severe ovary pain before and during menstruation accompanied by irregular cycles, hairs and uncomfortable general feeling that something is not right. Decades ago this would be attributed to what a woman should support month table, but we now know that this is a medical condition that complicates treatment of not having physical health and reproductive capacity of women. It is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (SOP.)

Women who suffer ovary pain may well describe it as an extremely unpleasant condition both physically and psychologically, but good medical supervision and treatment, life can return to the tranquility and female control over their health, solving immediate problems and some more serious that may arise in the future.

PCOS often manifests in adolescence and so many of its symptoms are hidden in so-called “things of old.” The truth is that their cause is a hormonal imbalance that coincides with their own age, but the consequences beyond a disease of “the awkward age,” the woman accompanying him throughout his life and affecting their reproductive capacity.

But not everything is on problems of reproductive health and appearance as those with PCOS are prone to develop the “Insulin Resistance,” a condition in which the body cannot properly handle the insulin produced by the pancreas, opening the door to the development of diabetes.

No medical knowledge required for a woman to realize that “something is wrong,” and suspicion immediately go to your gynecologist or pediatrician according to age. The professional will evaluate each patient through different tests, referrals to a specialist to help control the SOP, avoiding consequences through medication and changes in lifestyle.


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