Pregnancy : Skin, Hair and Dental care

Skin Care Pregnant

In the shower , you should use neutral soaps or gels. Bathing , preferably with no hot water, is allowed up to a month and a half before delivery. From that moment , the better the shower to avoid infection .

Although the appearance of the skin is likely to improve due to increased production of blood and hormones , this can also lead to a greater number of imperfections like red spots, pimples or very scaly areas.

It is best not to use soap removes natural oils from the skin and apply a good moisturizer .

Hair Care during pregnancy

For hair care , it is recommended not to abuse conditioners and avoid permanent and more aggressive treatments for hair hairdresser since early pregnancy hair is weakened and falls more easily than usual.

Then about the third month , usually adopt a bright tone and strengthens always to take care with neutral products . In the case of dyes , those of plant origin are best because they avoid possible allergies . John L. Tumminia, DMD

Care of teeth and gums during pregnancy

During pregnancy , most women notice that your gums are more sensitive and bleed easily . Is due to increased blood flow and the high level of progesterone during this period. It also produces an alteration in the pH of saliva due to the action of hormones by the accumulation of plaque promotes tooth decay.

In addition to proper cleaning after each meal , see a dentist at least once during pregnancy to check the condition of your teeth and gums.

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