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Teeth Pain Relief: Home Made Methods

Tooth ache is the worst kind of pain that one can stand. Or at least that’s what it seems to be like when we are in the middle of a crisis trying to find teeth pain relief.

This kind of pain can be so deep that even if we take some pills the pain can persist. Some people even feel that half of their face is death or numb. The solution to the problem doesn’t consist on visiting the dentist and that it. We need to stop the pain right away regardless if we are going to see a doctor later or not. The pain is so intense that we can’t continue with our daily activities and we are desperate to find teeth pain relief.

Taking a pill can help in the long run, we might need t take 2 if the pain is extreme. But there are some home made remedies that we apply in order to fight the pain locally.

IT is very common for people to put a piece of cotton with alcohol in it in order to cover the area and in a way sedate it. This is very effective and it can help a lot while we wait for the pill to take action. You can use vodka, whisky or any other alcoholic drink of high concentration.

In the same way some people place a piece of onion and chew it to get the liquid surround the area. This also works as a home made anesthesia.

It is important to mention that these remedies only work as a way to help with the pain but it doesn’t solve the problem. If pain appears it means that something is going on with our tooth and we need a professional to have a look at it.


The best home remedy for toothache

I have never been very keen about going to the dentist. To be quite honest, I hate it. I don’t like having to seat there with my mouth wide open while he drills my teeth causing a very intense pain that I don’t like to remember because even remembering it gives me chills.

Since I was a kid I remember that my grandmother used to have a very particular home remedy for toothache. I remember that she gave my cousins a piece of cotton with whisky in it. I don’t know why my mother never used that on use. There isn’t a home remedy for toothache in my family anymore.

The other day I started to feel a horrible pain in one tooth. I thought that maybe something was causing damage and I brushed my teeth carefully. The pain didn’t go away and it became very intense. One side of my face was swelling and it looked horrible. I couldn’t believe myself what I was seeing in the mirror. One of my cheeks was huge and I couldn’t go out to the streets like that. The pain was so bad that I took like 5 pills and still didn’t go away.

I don’t know how but I remembered the home remedy for toothache that my grandma used to apply on my cousins so I got it for myself. The whisky helped a lot and the pain reduced to it minimum expression. I went to bed and the next morning the pain was gone. I thought it was all solved but the pain came back around midday. I got whisky again to help with the pain but this time I had no other option but to go to the dentist. I think I got a little bit drunk to the room that I didn’t feel any pain during all the intervention.

Toothache home remedies and teeth whitening

Some people seem to believe that everything has an alternative cure using herbs or easting certain things. They call this alternative medicine and in fact some herb do have healing properties. Unfortunately this is the case of toothache home remedies.

There is no herb or nothing you can use to heal a cavity on your teeth. It won’t simply repair itself if you don’t go to the doctor to get it sorted. If you are the kind of person that hates going to the dentist then you should know that there are ways to prevent painful visit to the dentist.

Toothache home remedies are not going to replace the dentist but taking cae of your teeth can help to reduce how frequent you visit the doctor. One should visit a dentist at least once in a year to have a checkup and spot anomalies as soon as they are starting to happen. If a cavity is in its early stage, then it is very easy to get repaired and it doesn’t involve any pain at all because the damage is only superficial.

If your teeth have been whitened you should be extra careful because the teeth are more likely to get damaged. This is because the protective layer has been weakened by a corrosive procedure in order to obtain a white coloration.

You are normally recommended not to drink coffee or any dark beverage after whitening because you teeth can get stained with the dark pigments. But you should also take into consideration that as your teeth are weaker you should protect them more. Brushing your teeth every time you have something to eat is not a bad idea considering that you teeth are more likely to get damaged. Remember that preventing is much better than repairing.

Is there any danger in using home remedies for a toothache?

Some people are very keen on using alternative remedies for everything. Alternative medicine has increased in followers during the last years. Alternative medicine is everything that is not included in the occidental medicine system. It could be herbs and treatments such as hypnosis and acupuncture. When it comes to dental care there isn’t really an alternative treatment that can replace the visits to the dentist. When teeth have cavities only a professional can repair the damage.
There are home remedies for a toothache that can help to calm the pain felt by a damaged tooth. But it doesn’t cure the source of the pain and we still need to go to the doctor to have it repaired.

People wonder if both treatments can be mixed. The traditional approach will tell us that if we feel pain we have to take some pills to reduce that uncomfortable feeling, While some home remedies for a toothache can include putting a piece of cloth with alcohol in the affected area. The mix of alcohol and pills sounds very dangerous for some people and they refuse to mix treatments.

The truth is that it isn’t dangerous at all because one is not supposed to drink the alcohol but to only use it as an anesthetic substance. The alcohol is supposed to sedate the surrounding area. Even if you swallow a little bit of alcohol the amount isn’t enough to cause a crisis because of the pills you have taken before. This home remedy is very popular because it is in fact very effective when it comes to dealing with pain.

Remember that you should visit a doctor as soon as possible, especially if the pain is so intense that you have needed to sedate the area with alcohol.

The hassle of tooth infections

Tooth infections do not happen overnight. For you to have one , it would mean that you have not been careful at all. In fact it would also mean that you have no dental hygiene. This is why in this article you will find the best tips of all times, how to avoid visits to the dentist.

Tooth infections can be very hard to cure, and very painful too. Research shows that most of the patients that arrive with tooth infections are patients that are completely frightened by dentists. There is a bad reputation for dentist that implies that they cause pain in all their appointments. If you go when the cavity is just starting then there should not be a reason to be afraid because repairing that damage will be pain free.

Obviously if your tooth is infected it is very likely that you will feel some pain while the doctor is repairing the damage. But it is also true that dentists have anesthesia and this drug could actually block any pain that the operation may incur in.

The best tip that anybody can give you to avoid tooth infections, is to take good care for your teeth. This is quite logical, if you clean your teeth properly they won’t get damaged and therefore you won’t need a dentist to repair anything.

Dentists indicate that the ideal situation should we that we brush our teeth at least three time a week. This means after our 3 most important meals. They say that if you could brush your teeth after anything you eat, it would be ideal.
Specialists also say that one should have at least one appointment per year with the dentist, just to see how they are going and maybe to have a cleaning procedure which is very simple.