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Polycystic ovaries: the famous ovarian pain

As we know many women suffer of ovary pain when they are in their days or before it, it is something that only can suffer but it is something not good.

Severe ovary pain before and during menstruation accompanied by irregular cycles, hairs and uncomfortable general feeling that something is not right. Decades ago this would be attributed to what a woman should support month table, but we now know that this is a medical condition that complicates treatment of not having physical health and reproductive capacity of women. It is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (SOP.)

Women who suffer ovary pain may well describe it as an extremely unpleasant condition both physically and psychologically, but good medical supervision and treatment, life can return to the tranquility and female control over their health, solving immediate problems and some more serious that may arise in the future.

PCOS often manifests in adolescence and so many of its symptoms are hidden in so-called “things of old.” The truth is that their cause is a hormonal imbalance that coincides with their own age, but the consequences beyond a disease of “the awkward age,” the woman accompanying him throughout his life and affecting their reproductive capacity.

But not everything is on problems of reproductive health and appearance as those with PCOS are prone to develop the “Insulin Resistance,” a condition in which the body cannot properly handle the insulin produced by the pancreas, opening the door to the development of diabetes.

No medical knowledge required for a woman to realize that “something is wrong,” and suspicion immediately go to your gynecologist or pediatrician according to age. The professional will evaluate each patient through different tests, referrals to a specialist to help control the SOP, avoiding consequences through medication and changes in lifestyle.



Los problemas que causa la obesidadWe are constantly being bombarded by advertisements on TV, radio, social networking sites and the like, which inform us that in order to be slim and thus be able to achieve our ambitions, we need to buy a specific diet product which is touted to be the latest ingenious way to the slim, healthy body everybody would like to have.

It is to be noted that there is not one so-called miracle diet product on the market anywhere in the world which does what it is purported to do – give us a slim, healthy body. This is because even if one loses weight when using them, as soon as one stops, the weight goes back on very quickly and, often, one puts on more weight than one lost in the first place. The only way to lose weight is by eating nutritious and healthy foods and doing exercise. In this way, one’s body uses up more calories than one puts into it by way of food; and thus it begins to use up the nutrients which are stored in the body’s cells. As these stocks are diminished, one sees a change in one’s body shape – generally known as weight loss – and a slim, healthy body emerges.

Everyone who has ever been on a diet has experienced the cravings that are synonymous with being told what you can eat and what you cannot; and that invariably means all the things you really like, like chocolate, cookies and ice cream. The fact is that one is able to lose weight in a slow and healthy manner even if one has the occasional treat, which most diet gurus dismiss as being so detrimental to a diet that one should never eat them again. This is pure nonsense.

In the pursuit of a slim, healthy body, it is true that one really needs to make drastic changes to one’s diet, but this does not mean that you should ever try any sort of crash diet, or even those ‘magic’ products so often advertised in the media. All the ‘magic’ formulas, like those which promote the replacement of a meal with an energy drink, or by taking a cellulose tablet in place of a meal, for example, will reduce the nutrients one needs for a strong and healthy body.

So, remember, if you stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan long term, you can indulge in any forbidden foods your heart desires, if you do so occasionally and then return with your new routine.


Even though it seems to fly in the face of everything one has been brought up to believe, one can keep active, stay slim and healthy without dieting – and this article will explain to you how this is achievable.comida de dieta

Most people know that the basic principle of dieting is that one has to use up more calories on a daily basis than is put into one’s body. In most diet programs of years gone by, fats, sugars and carbohydrates were taboo and the thus method of weight loss then was that one should steer away from anything fried, oily salad dressings or even foods containing oils, like nuts. Sugar was totally banned and even fruit was severely limited, with apples and a few berries being the most commonly allowed. Almost all carbohydrates were a definite no-no, thus rice, potatoes, bread, pasta and the like were never, ever, shown on a diet sheet.

Nowadays, for a slim, healthy body, it is recommended to follow a diet which comprises exercise together with a good balance of all the food types. For example, oil is no longer considered the worst food component, as long as it is a nut oil or olive oil. It has been proven that these oils are good for you and that even contribute to one’s nutritional needs so they should be included in one’s diet, in moderation. Sugar, unlike oil, is still seen as the bad boy of all diets, but the difference now is that fruit is a good source of vitamins and fibre, so quite a large variety is allowed, but still in moderation.

The biggest turnaround in diet law that has occurred in the past few decades is the consumption of carbohydrates. Previously almost totally banned, except for one thin slice of bread every now and then, today one is encouraged to eat as much as three portions of this food type a day. Whole wheat cereals, pasta and bread and brown rice are now the accepted options over their more processed white (and therefore less healthy) cousins.

Protein consumption at present is also different than it was in the past, when a huge steak and salad without any dressing was considered the perfect diet meal. Now, it is recommended to eat very little beef (which should have all the fat cut off) and more lean turkey and chicken (without skin), fish and sea food. One diet rule that has not altered at all is the one which stated you should eat vast quantities of vegetables, in the form of salads or simply steamed to retain their flavour.

By eating sensibly and doing moderate exercise to keep active, stay slim and healthy without dieting, follow the above rules and you will soon see just how good you can look with your slim, healthy body.

Most Recommended Painkillers for Toothache

Who has never had a toothache in life? It is obvious that almost everybody has had a toothache at least once in a lifetime. However, that is not something that a person can feel proud of. In fact, a toothache can make a person feel terrible pain that will not even let him or her sleep. Then you know it is a must to visit your doctor; he will know the causes of your pain and will consequently give the best treatment to relieve a person from pain.

As we said, it depends on the causes to really know how to soothe the pain. Normally, when the pain is too strong, painkillers for toothache are recommended and prescribed. The most common and effective painkillers for toothache is Ibuprofen. However, it is not the only one. Principally, dentists recommend painkillers for toothache that are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (shortly called as NSAID). Normally, these painkillers contain ibuprofen and ketoprofen; most of them have different names, but all of them contain these two substances.

In the United Kingdom the most common painkiller for toothache is Nurofen and the most common painkiller in the United States is Advil and Motrin

When a person has a bad inflammation and as a consequence there is a pressure on the nerves of the face, another painkiller is used, such as Paracetamol which has worked really well in most patients treated with it. However, the excessive use of this medicine can bring serious trouble to a person, since it is dangerous in excessive amounts. Another medicine that also works really well is Aspirin.

For more question, you can always consult your personal doctor to give you information about it. But if you have no pain at all, then it is recommended to visit your doctor once or twice per year.

Entrega de la participación por utilidades

Oportunidad pago utilidades
Generación de interes legales por su no pago
La participación que no hubiera sido entregada vencido el plazo de 30 días siguientes al vencimiento del plazo legal para la presentación de la declaración jurada del impuesto a la renta, generara el interés moratorio ( interés legal laboral )
Esto se aplica , a partir del día siguiente en el cual el trabajador requirió el pago por escrito .
Casos a considerar : Pago de utilidades
a.- trabajador laborando , pero no se apersona a realizar el cobro
Antes de los 30 días naturales ( calendario) , siguientes al vencimiento del plazo legal para la presentación de la declaración jurada del impuesto a la renta, y no lo pide posteriormente por escrito: No genera intereses legales .
Si lo pide por escrito , genera el pago de intereses legales desde el dia siguiente de su presentación
b.- Suspensión de la relación laboralEjemplo : Maternidad , licencia sin goce de haber , vacaciones .
Puede cobrar las utilidades desde la fecha de reincorporación y previo requerimiento por escrito se generan los intereses legales.
c.- Cesado antes de la fecha en que se distribuyen las utilidades
No tienen derecho a cobrar los intereses , aun cuando después del cese hubieran requerido por escrito al empleador.

Oportunidad de pago remuneracion vacacional

El empleador debe abonar la remuneración vacacional antes del inicio del descanso (D.Leg. 713, art. 16).
Debe constar expresamente en el Libro de Planillas la fecha del descanso vacacional y el monto de la remuneración correspondiente (D.Leg. 713, art. 20).

Empresario exitoso

Los deportes siempre fue el pasatiempo favorito de doctor empresario quien al conocerlo cada vez mas, nos damos cuenta de que el siempre como negociante y deportista ha tenido exito hasta el momento por tener mucho criterio en cuanto a crecer no solo como empresario solo sino empresario interno familiar.

Siempre en el dilema de un empresario interno, por lo general, como Alejandro Belmont nos indica, los empresarios internos necesitan crecer no solo como empresas sino tambien en todo lo que puedan esforzarse y ser nuevas personas. Ya que en primer lugar, cuando se trata de ver las oportunidades de negocios ya que los miembros de la familia no siempre pueden hallar oportunidades ya que para ello se debe tener un enfoque mas ingenioso para hacer empresa asi como nos habla alejandro.

Para ser un buen empresario se necesita identificar de donde pueden provenir los recursos ya que puede ser una tarea dificil en cuanto a querer poseer una emmpresa familiar.

Tambien nos dice que cuando se trata de querer ser lider inspirador, tan crucial en las iniciativas de orientacion hacia el crecimiento basadas en proyectos y de equipos dice ue peude ser dificil pero que si se peude llega a cumplir objetivos siempre y cuando se tengaun horizone bien en claro.

Un empresario interno que fuera de la familia puede no contar con la libertad y la distancia suficientes porque un o mas miembros de la familia pueden en el fondo sentirse molestos por tener a alguien que fuera del clan dirigiendo ñas nuevas iniciativas de la empresa.

De forma general nos recomienda que establecer una plataforma eficaz para los empresarios internos un miebro de la familia o no puede ser dificil pero si se puede lograr con comunicacion y respeto.

Bettina Oneto aclara situación de sus padres

Apenas se hizo público el internamiento en un asilo del ex actor cómico Carlos Onetto, ‘Pantuflas’, debido a la soledad y carencias en las que había quedado, las miradas y comentarios se dirigieron a su hija Bettina, la reconocida comediante, quien dijo su verdad en un informe emitido anoche por el programa de TV “Panorama”.

‘Pantuflas’, incluso, la había acusado de haberse distanciado de él y de no haberlo ido a ver en ninguna de las obras de teatro en las que actuó.

“Él (‘Pantuflas’) decidió ir solo al asilo. Estuvo 25 años enamorado de alguien y se sintió feliz. Pero ella ya se fue. Me lo dejó. Lo llevé donde mi mamá pero ella me dijo que ya no lo quería tener”, expreso Bettina Onetto.

Refirió que ha sentido un “bajón tremendo”, luego de las críticas que ha sido objeto por aparentemente haber abandonado a su padre. “No quiero que mis admiradores me hundan. No me gusta que me digan desgraciada tu papá está en un asilo. No puedo estar con mi papá todo el día, pero es imposible que lo abandone”, añadió.

Bettina indicó que si su padre no cuenta con mayores pertenencias en el asilo es porque está prohibido que ingrese ahí con cosas, pero “las tiene en su casa”.

En tanto, Bettina refirió que Carlos Onetto puede estar confundido debido a su vejez y a la ruptura de su larga relación sentimental, por lo cual dijo comprenderlo.

“También sentirá vergüenza de que alguna vez nos dijo que no quería saber nada con nosotros porque con su ex pareja “tenía todo”. Ahora sentirá de que nos necesita”, manifestó.

Fuente : El Comercio