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Dieta anti edad

There are three main mantras the doctors of today chant over and over again in an attempt to get the general public to be more healthy and active. These are:

1 give up smoking

2 lose weight

3 get active


They assure us that by following these three steps, we will all be much healthier and happier. In this article we will discuss the aspects of losing weight and getting active – both of which are achievable without having to go on a special diet. It should be said at this early juncture that most people would like to aim for a slim, healthy body without dieting, but the majority would not believe it to be possible.

We believe that each patient is unique and deserves treatment tailored to their individual needs and goals.

The fact of the matter is that it is possible, but there is no magic cure or easy way to shed our excess pounds (or kilos). It takes a determined mindset and lots of character to change the eating habits of a lifetime; and a sedentary lifestyle into an active one. The best advice is to make both changes slowly, but surely. There is no point in throwing out all the food you will not be eating, as there will be times when you will want something that is known to be fattening. It is acceptable that you indulge in a treat every now and then – just do not make a habit of it and you will not show any ill effects. Another aspect of a new eating plan that one should bear in mind while on the quest for a slim, healthy body is that no foods are banned. You simply need to learn what the best foods are for you to eat to maintain a nutritiously balanced diet; and to reduce to almost zero the amount of foods that either have empty calories (like sugar) or fatty substances like bacon, cream or butter. Once you have mastered how you should be eating, you will see the weight drop off but, be warned, it is a slow process. Do it this way (as opposed to a fast loss crash diet) and the weight will stay off permanently.

If you choose to go for a slim, healthy body, you must realise that it is only achievable by following the diet rules set out above; together with exercise. Choose the form you like best, like bicycle riding, swimming, kick boxing or dancing – and do it at least three times a week for about an hour. The new slim and healthy you will soon emerge.